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The Perfect Tango Bar

Café Casablanca  
A True Tango Bar
Victoria receives millions of touring visitors a year. A fraction of that number are tango addicts who make up the steady trickle of dancers that find their way to the Café Casablanca, at which time almost every one of them exclaims, "We can't believe you have this fabulous space!"  
Most of them have seen Raul Julia's film "Tango Bar," and many have visited Buenos Aires, so the next thing they say is "It's like that movie!" or "It's the real thing!" or — most frequently — "How lucky you are to have it!"  
Local regulars at the Café realize our good fortune. To have a first-class floor and sound system is pleasant. To have a real tango "ambience" — a piano, a stage and a brass bar rail, and comfortable sofas, and small tables with candles and Milonga Host cards — and all this in front of a magnificent mural.... It's obvious that we are blessed.  
What is not so obvious to either locals or visitors is the reason Café Casablanca exists. You get a clue from the name, and the Bogart and Bergman posters on the walls, but you have to listen to the opening dialogue of the legendary Casablanca to find out why Rick — or in our case, Chuck — is prepared to stand behind a bar seven days a week and run an establishment for dancers who eat and drink about as much as hummingbirds.  
When you leave, rent the video to hear the dialogue. While you are dancing, take a moment to appreciate the man and the refuge he has created for us all.  
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